12 weeks to build your audience of perfect peeps so you can crack on with scaling your business. 

Are you sick of posting social media content that doesn’t connect with your ideal client? Are you done with giving everything away or free? Fed up with seeing others in network seemingly do it with ease? 

What you need is bums on seats...but what you have instead are empty places on your programmes, and limited sales of your digital products...or maybe this lack of interest means you are not even launching these things.

You blame it on your branding, your copy, your personality maybe, telling yourself that you are just not cut out for being in the spotlight or having a community of raving fans. Too old, too fat, to weird-looking, not posh enough, pretty enough, interesting enough or smart enough...need I go on?

I get it though.

Putting yourself in the spotlight can be tough.

When I first started working as a business coach I felt the same, didn’t matter that I had 20+ years of experience in my specific field, I simply let comparisonitis and imposter syndrome get the better of me 

That was until I realised I just had to build my audience my way and stop worrying about what everyone else was saying or doing. I needed to go back to my roots when gathering folks around me to do awesome things came as second nature....that's when I realised I was in fact a master tribe builder...and I could teach others how to become one too.

You went into business to do the business of what your business does, not to become a marketeer, so let me teach you how to grow an organic and engaged audience of qualified leads so that you can focus on the genius stuff you do with your clients.

It's time to find your Perfect Peeps™.

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  • No more cookie-cutter plans or systems
  • No more overwhelm
  • No more spying on how everyone else is doing it
  • No more exhausting yourself trying to do EVERYTHING
  • No more doing it alone

An engaged audience gives you options

The ability to choose who you work with, when, and how, rather than whoever comes along and in whichever way suits them. An engaged audience means you have a sustainable business that grows with you.


My Tribe Builder™ Activation System

Create a 100% unique to you blueprint that you can rinse and repeat over and over again as you scale your business.


Discover your unique Tribe Leader Archetype™

This framework gets you stepping up in your business wether you are a born storyteller, raging maverick or magical shapeshifter.


Find Your Peeps Plan

Techniques that help you create heart to heart relationships rather than it being a soul less numbers game.



I have worked with more than 3000 small business owners in the past 12 months using the techniques I teach in this programme.

This is not a dress rehearsal.

Your business is just too important to be faffing about trying to get your stuff seen by the right people

What do you get as part of the show (Oooppps I mean programme?)

Pre Show Welcome to The Tribe Experience

6 Learning Modules to Binge or Do Weekly

6 Activation tasks to make sure you don't snooze in the back seats

A fill-out-able programme to keep all your ideas in one place...and keep as a momento

The Gathering…a weekly live coaching call to ask questions on the modules, and stay on track

Prizes for participation, engagement and tasks completed

101 social media prompts for connection and engagement on autopilot

A vibrant Facebook community to feedback on progress

Discounted rates for other programmes, additional resources or events coming up

Your Facilitator & Mentor

Julie is a tribe leadership expert and creative business coach from East London who has spent the last 20 years building, nurturing, and monetising communities online and off.

Starting her career as an arts practitioner and audience development expert. She specialised in activating hard to reach groups, working for some of the biggest cultural organisations in the UK, including the Arts Council, Royal Opera House and the London 2012 Olympics.

Her online group programmes and challenges have had more than 30,000 participants in the last 10 years, and her content has been featured in mainstream media and seen by millions of folks all over the world.

She works with thousands of experts, speakers and coaches every year to help them increase their influence, impact and income through the power of building, growing and leveraging vibrant communities.

Being able to grow and leverage an online audience is no longer a nice-to-have as a small business owner, it is now a fundamental skill. Whether you sell business to business or business direct to consumer the fundamental principles of gathering people around you still apply. So can you afford not to take action?

And the ticket price?

The content in this programme used to cost my clients £1499+VAT, but I have repackaged it to make it more affordable so that all business owners can get cracking and start building their audience. 

To work with me one to one on this stuff over 3 months would cost you more than £6000+VAT, so this really is a no-brainer way of accessing my 20+ years experience of audience development. 

Full Price £997+VAT

Plus I will throw in these mini programmes to help you really take real action as you grow your business.

Nail Your Niche
Deep Dive Mini Course

Getting the Important Shit
Done Productivity System

Your Tribe Toolkit

Money-Back Guarantee

If you follow all of the steps, play full out in the bootcamp and still do not grow your client base or active prospect list by at least 100 people, at the end of the 90 days I will give you a full money-back guarantee...can't ask for any fairer than that?

What do my clients say about me?

"My business needed growth and for that I know i needed a coach, but I thrive on group energy, what was the solution? I signed up for one of Julie's programmes and I can not recommend enough the VALUE, not just the monetary value, but the support, the engagement, the ACCOUNTABILITY to growth, has just been phenomenal.

Victoria O'Farrell, The Queen of Behaviours

"Since working with Julie my productivity levels have increased ten fold. I love her clear, to the point approach with coaching. There's no fluff and nonsense - she just tells it how it is and has the most amazing ideas that have helped me to grow my business further. In summary Julie is fricking awesome and I highly recommend working with her!"

Jo Middleton, Founder of Franchise Business School

"Working with Julie has been like a rocket up my bum! I spent two years thinking about my new business direction and the last four months - since signing up to Julie's programmes - taking huge and fast action. I can't believe how much Ive achieved and look forward to doing more!"

Maria Antoniou, Intuative Coach for Proffesional and Entrepreneurial Women

"If I ever thought maternity leave while self employed was a time to sit and wallow in self pity then I never should’ve worked with Julie Creffield! Her approach of being pragmatic, creative, thoroughly supportive and reassuring worked wonders for me to be able to launch my first online pilot course within four months of giving birth! And the best part is, the process was actually fun!♥️"

Stacey Moore, Educational Psychologist, and founder of The Nesting Coach

"It's been blinding having a coach like Julie in my backpocket, she pushed me to think bigger, stop with the bullshit excuses, and get more done than I would have done alone...just having someone to sense check stuff makes all the difference"

James Burns, Photographer & Founder of London from the Rooftops

"Julie really pushes me out of my comfort zone (but in a tough love kind of way) and I’ve done things I’d never have dreamed off this time last year. I can really see the difference in both myself and my business."

Rachel Allen, The VAT Coach

" I have launched online programmes, clarified my mission and established a community, which in less than 4 months has grown to over 3000 wonderful women. Julie has this ability to spur you on, to inspire you to reach further and to have you believing in yourself at all stages. Her approach is honest, ‘tell it as it is’, no bullshit and loving. She is so generous and no question is too much. She is my ‘person’ and will be so for a long time to come.!"

Heather Waring, Transformational Coach & Founder of The Million Women Walking Movement

"Julie has processes and strategies that can’t help but make you more productive and successful. All those things that you put off when you are launching a new product such as reaching out to people directly, making videos—just taking action—Julie has this way that draws you along the process, helps you cut through the overwhelm and the overthinking and just get on with the jobs at hand. . She’s a powerhouse herself, and takes you along with her on the ride as she surfs the waves of entrepreneurialism."

Erin Chamberlain, Book Coach & Founder of Write Now

"Hands down the best session I've ever had with a coach. My husband said, "Wow you've really upped your game" based on things Julie got me to do"

Dipti Solanki, Homeopathy and Grief Coach 

And finally as an encore...

I will also throw in my upcoming mini-course "Find me in the Club*" sharing how I grew 7000 followers on the latest social media app Clubhouse in less than 11 weeks.

With support to...

✳️ Optimise your bio

✳️ Decide on the best strategy for using the app

✳️ Moderating techniques

✳️ Creative room ideas

* Coming Soon

Let's start filling your rooms, creating sell-out experiences, and making you the star of your own show.

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