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Who is this Julie Bird?

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Julie Creffield (@juliecreffield on Clubhouse)

Julie Creffield is a community engagement strategist and business coach with more than 20 years experience of growing profitable online tribes. She helps small business owners to find their people online and off, for maximum impact and income.

In her opinion Clubhouse is the most exciting social media development of the decade with huge potential for claiming your authority online to reach new audiences and to nurture your existing relationships....which lead to sales AND new business relationships.

In just 14 days she was able to very easily

  • Get her first 1000 followers,
  • Get on stage with some big players with big audiences
  • Drive more than 200 leads to her email list
  • Secure inquiries from high-profile clients
  • Convert interest into sales of her £47 Activate Your Tribe Mini programme

What could you do with 1000 engaged leads and partners?

It's just a TENNER people!!!!