Are you ready to be, do and have more in your business?

Are you chasing your tail trying to get eveything done and failing miserably? 

Achieving more in your business is not about working faster, nor is it about working longer hours, its about fixing your mindset, your limiting beliefs and creating new habits and systems that work for you.

Its all well and good coming up with new ideas, and learning all the things, but if you never get round to doing anything then whats the point?

Do More Bits is the new monthly challenge led by serial entreprenur Julie get more of the important stuff done!!!

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We open the doors on the 1st March 2020


You ready to do more bits?

Join a group of solopreneurs just like you this March for...

  • A whole month of accountability and implementation 
  • A productivity system that puts your todo list to shame
  • Weekly facilitated "get shit done sessions"
  • Practical tips and tricks
  • Fun and supportive community
  • Awesome Prizes and incentives
  • The option to stay in the community after the first month at a founders price (if there is enough interest in this continuing beyond the first month)

Who is it for?

This challenge is for coaches, speakers, experts, artists, freelancers, and any other type of solopreneur who is frustrated with the lack of productivity in their business. 

Folks who know they need a bit of a kick up the bum and some structure to get more done each week.

Who this is not for...

  • Perfectionists
  • Nit pickers
  • Dickheads (Sorry Mum)

And your no nonsense coach for this 31 day productivity challenge is...

Julie Creffield is a serial entrepreneur, plus size marathon runner, travel enthusiast, prolific blogger and influencer, 8 times author, TEDx speaker, and single mum to an exciteable 7 year old.

Known affectionately by her clients as the no bullshit business coach Julie's straight talking approach to goal setting and getting shit done has her clients taking radical action and getting radical results.

But be warned...don't let her get her bullshit buzzer out on you.

Julie is renowned for helping people spot their own resistance, self limiting beliefs and excuses....and being able to kindly lead them back to their major life and business goals.

If you are looking for accountability, inspiration and a whole heap of love to support you in your business join this challenge and get things really moving in your business and life.

As well as being super productive herself, Julie has helped 250 entrepreneurs in the last 12 months to scale their business using her tactics. Plus she has 20 years experience as a coach, facilitator and trainer, and used to run time management sessions for arts practitioners and young people.

What do Julie's clients say about her?

"My business needed growth and for that I know i needed a coach, but I thrive on group energy, what was the solution? I signed up for one of Julie's programmes and I can not recommend enough the VALUE, not just the monetary value, but the support, the engagement, the ACCOUNTABILITY to growth, has just been phenomenal. There are a couple of rules, show up, follow the process, trust in yourself and it just flipping works!!"

Victoria O'Farrell, Award Winning Personality Profiler & Professional Speaker

"Working with Julie has been like a rocket up my bum! I spent two years thinking about my new business direction and the last four months - since signing up to Julie's programmes - taking huge and fast action. I can't believe how much Ive achieved and look forward to doing more!"

Maria Antoniou, Intuative Coach for Proffesional and Entrepreneurial Women

"If you want to be pushed and cajoled in the right direction, engage in Julie's services as a coach. Not for the faint hearted, but if you genuinely want to move forward you will be challenged but not disappointed with Julie Creffield."

Graham Frost, Professional Speaker and Trainer on Resiliance

"If I ever thought maternity leave while self employed was a time to sit and wallow in self pity then I never should’ve worked with Julie Creffield! Her approach of being pragmatic, creative, thoroughly supportive and reassuring worked wonders for me to be able to launch my first online pilot course within four months of giving birth! And the best part is, the process was actually fun!♥️"

Stacey Moore, Educational Psychologist, and founder of The Nesting Coach

"Julie really pushes me out of my comfort zone (but in a tough love kind of way) and I’ve done things I’d never have dreamed off this time last year. I can really see the difference in both myself and my business."

Rachel Allen, Business & Life Coach & Founder of The Accountability Room

"It's been blinding having a coach like Julie in my backpocket, she pushed me to think bigger, stop with the bullshit excuses, and get more done than I would have done alone...just having someone to sense check stuff makes all the difference"

James Burns, Photographer & Founder of London from the Rooftops

"Hands down the best session I've ever had with a coach. My husband said, "Wow you've really upped your game" based on things Julie got me to do"

Dipti Solanki, Homeopathy and Grief Coach 

"Since working with Julie my productivity levels have increased ten fold. I love her clear, to the point approach with coaching. There's no fluff and nonsense - she just tells it how it is and has the most amazing ideas that have helped me to grow my business further. In summary Julie is fricking awesome and I highly recommend working with her!"

Jo Middleton, Founder of Franchise Business School

"Julie is like a breath of fresh air, a shove off the cliff, with a hefty snifter of reality and a huge slug of love thrown in for good measure. The perfect cocktail to inspire imperfect action- what my Mum would describe as a ‘penny’s worth of Gawd help us’! 

Jenny Gordon, People Developer & Leadership Coach at Jenuine Consulting 

" I have launched online programmes, clarified my mission and established a community, which in less than 4 months has grown to over 3000 wonderful women. Julie has this ability to spur you on, to inspire you to reach further and to have you believing in yourself at all stages. Her approach is honest, ‘tell it as it is’, no bullshit and loving. She is so generous and no question is too much. She is my ‘person’ and will be so for a long time to come.!"

Heather Waring, Transformational Coach & Founder of The Million Women Walking Movement

"For the last few months I’ve had “Julie on my shoulder” That’s because she inspires me to stop effing around and take action - largely because she’s a master action taker herself, but also because she has uncannily brilliant timing to provide a helpful nudge, cast you a brilliant idea or offer a bit of support/encouragement just when you need it"  

Emma O'Brien, RTT Practitioner & Strengths Coach

"Julie has processes and strategies that can’t help but make you more productive and successful. All those things that you put off when you are launching a new product such as reaching out to people directly, making videos—just taking action—Julie has this way that draws you along the process, helps you cut through the overwhelm and the overthinking and just get on with the jobs at hand. . She’s a powerhouse herself, and takes you along with her on the ride as she surfs the waves of entrepreneurialism."

Erin Chamberlain, Book Coach & Founder of Write Now