Hands up who's had a real up and down experience with health, fitness and all things wellbeing the last 12 months.

(I know, state the bleeding obvious Julie)

Well I've got something to get us all back on track

A challenge to get you back in the game

A recommitment to your wellbeing goals

Something fun to do but without the pressure

That you can fit around family and work stuff

Somewhere you are not going to be judged

Where you are going to meet people like you, and get real results


A 31 day fitness, flexibility and fun challenge to help you get your mojo back this May...

Doors Close...

Let me Register Now, Woman!!!!

“If you have never done one of Julie's Fitness Challenges before, you are in for a treat” Jo, 42

About the challenge

This 31 Day challenge has been designed to help you no matter what your current fitness level, skill level or motivation is right now.

Whether you are a runner, a swimmer, a yogi...or none of the above. You get to decide on what you want to do to get your sweat and stretch on...and we reward and celebrate you for sticking with your goals.

And if you don't stick to it, we still loves ya!!!

With daily tasks that you will want to get involved in, you will see your confidence, fitness, flexibility...and just general happiness improve just in time for summer.

Q1. What you got to lose?

Q2. What you got to GAIN?

Q3. So, are you gonna join us?

Just look at everything you get for just £1 per day in May

“Julie's programmes are always fun, inclusive and they work...I am always more active and feel better when I am doing one of them” Sharon, 51

Meet the Instructors

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Julie Creffield (@thefatgirlsguidetorunning)

Founder of the global plus-size fitness movement Too Fat to Run? Julie has been running group programmes for more than 20 years, and has impacted millions of women around the world. She is a life coach, 5 times marathon runner, on off CrossFitter...and has a passion for open water swimming (even though she doesn't live by the sea...yet)

Fi Baker (@breathedeep_with_me)

Fi is a yogi, pole dancing, assault course running movement expert who helps her clients to breath deeper and feel better with no judgement, open to everyone bite size yoga and stretching support.

“The sense of community kept me going...I did stuff I wouldn't normally do, and there was no pressure when I couldn't do the days activity...didn't matter the reason” Amy, 38

Come and join us

Look we know it's been tough, but now is not the time to beat ourselves up...let's do something uplifting instead.

We start on the 1st of May...but doors open 30th April for a whole month of love, support and friendship.


*includes any taxes

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