Fed up with building your business one client at a time? Then you need...


ONE TO MANY is an 8-week masterclass for coaches, experts and speakers who are ready to scale by creating powerful transformations for groups that will have their clients clamouring for more.

 Join Business Strategist, Community Engagement Expert and Serial Entrepreneur Julie Creffield and access more than 20 years experience of running group programmes that deliver.

*This is a BETA round of this programme, read on to find out why that is such a bloody exciting thing.

Are you tired of chasing clients? Spending more time and money on client aquisition and marketing, than actually doing the stuff that makes a difference...the reason you actually went into business in the first place?

Like seriously.  

The idea of more freedom and flexibility in your work is exciting right? More time, more money, more of those emails saying "OMG I can't tell you what a difference this has made to my life", and articles telling the world just how awesome you are?

But you are still not sure if you truly have what it takes to get something off the ground that is scaleable and to lead a group of clients through your process is a real responsibility, and so it perhaps feels safer to just carry on working one to one.

Maybe you've already dabbled in a group offering, you created something you thought everyone would want...and then it was just hard to sell, and underwhelming to deliver....so you went back to what you know. 

Look it's not you fault...the internet is awash with online marketers and gurus telling you how easy it is to scale and create passive income with online courses...no income is truly passive, that is a bullshit lie. 

I've spent 20+ years bringing people together in the real world...and it isn't always easy. You need to design engagement and regular touch points into your programmes that go beyond a downloadable PDF, you need to lead people through a transformational process where they are not just a number, and be ready to manage the group dynamic with skill so that everyone gets what they need...including you.

But once you learn some key engagement strategies, running group programmes can be one of the most rewarding and lucrative parts of your business.

So what's stopping you?

Join a cohort of 25 small business owners this spring and learn everything you need to create a group programme that delivers...you will see first hand how I do it, oh and you are going to launch and start delivering the beta round of your programme in the next 8 weeks too...did I mention that?

Imagine what we can get done in two months together?

I have created and delivered 15 different online programmes in the last 5 years, with more than 15000 participants, and generating more than half a million pounds in revenue across 3 different niches....and for the past 18 months I have helped more than 250 entrepreneurs to scale their business too.

This month I have welcomed more than 650 participants into various programmes, with ease...without Facebook ad spend, and working less hours than I ever have.

Now before you start listing the reasons why you can't do something similar...

  • I started with no money in the bank  
  • I didn't have a coach (or a coaching qualification)
  • I had no training in any online tools or techniques 
  • I had no client list or track record in the online space
  • I had (and still have) limited design and tech skills
  • I don't have a team of staff
  • I had serious imposter syndrome and comparisonitus
  • Oh and I am a single mum

So where did my group coaching expertise come from then?

I set up my first community at just 8 years old, when I transformed my brothers bedroom into a public library much to my mums despair.

I trained as a drama facilitator and worked for many years in East London and Essex on cultural programmes that engaged hard to reach groups...young offenders, care leavers, young mums, mental health service users, homeless people, older people.

I ran an award winning volunteer service, and helped design the policy for the London 2012 Gamesmaker programme which recruited, trained and deployed 70,000 volunteers.

I worked as a programme manager and consultant on multi million pounds sports and arts programmes for national organisations, always with the view to transforming peoples lives.

And then I found myself unemployed and a single parent to a new baby...and knew I had to work less hours, for more money (cos kids are bloody expensive), so it had to be a one to many model.

I set up my first online business in 2014...and looking back it's hardly any wonder that community, and group programmes would be at the heart of it.

Oh...and I've been on the TV and in the media a fair bit talking about my work as a coach

What do women say about me and my group programmes? *blush*

What you see really is what you get, Julie is down to earth, authentic, heart-centred and kinda tough at the same time. 

I have a more positive inner voice, which is starting to challenge my inner critic.

This programme has made me realise that I can choose my own path

Looking at things from a different perspective, has enabled me to change the way I think and the way I respond to life

Totally authentic with the natural ability to engage and inspire every time

I can't tell you how exited I am about my business because of this group programme

Hands down the best session I've had with a coach EVER

I didn't know I wanted to change, and now I don't want to stop  

Wild swimming in Skye in my underwear and realising that it was fabulous and no one noticed or cared what I looked like - thats what this programme has done for me  

I declare witchcraft, I hardly recognise myself anymore, how do you do it?  

This is the spot in the selling process I normally give up, but not with Julie on my side.

YYou still might be wondering what you ACTUALLY get over the 8 weeks

  • 6 Powerful Training Videos that you will refer back to over and over again
  • 8 Weekly Live Q&A Coaching Calls
  • My 12 in 12 Desire Framework Tool
  • Access to a supportive Facebook group
  • Behind the scenes info from 5 of my current group programmes, including income & recruiment strategies
  • "Plot it out" goodie bag sent out to you
  • A coach that gives a damn about your business, with the right balance of "kick up the backside" and a "listening ear"
  • BONUS - Who the hell is AIDA? Video creation system (£49)
  • BONUS - Participant Avatar Matrix (£149)
  • BONUS - Grand in Your Hand Sales Challenge, this will run to coincide with this beta round, and you will be joined by other entrepreneurs learning how to generate sales FAST (£149)
  • BONUS (First 5 sign ups) - One to Many Secret Shopper Audit & Action Plan (£149)

So what is the Investment?

And let's not pretent there isn't one...you are trusting yourself to do the work here, putting in time, and buying in the services of a coach who knows her stuff and is going to lead you through the process so you don't have to do it alone....SO THAT IS THE INVESTMENT....and now heres the price...

This programme is unlikely to be this affordable in the future

Standard (Beta*)

£333 x 3  

Split over 3 months

Get Started NOW

OR why not buy in some extra time with me?

VIP Upgrade (Beta*)

3 x 1 hourly 121 strategy calls to be taken over 3 months.

The deadline for registering is Friday 7th February. Once the places are gone they are gone!!!

We start on 24th February with a welcome week

*There are just 25 places on this first beta round...being in a beta round is great, because you get to help shape the programme, and a coach always delivers extra value in the inaugural round of a programme to ensure the programme will run again. PLUS as a soon to be creators you will get to see the benefits of beta testing, and see the evolution of a programme first hand.


My intention as a coach is to upskill and empower you to get your programme up and running and making you money ASAP.

As a coach I am great at getting people to take imperfect action, with a mixture of mindset, strategic and practical support. I am committed to you and your business, because I know the impact you can have taking your expertise out to the masses.

I am on a mission to impact on the lives of a million people in my lifetime...and by sharing my way of scaling you will help me reach that target faster.

Be brave, be bold...let's start making more impact NOW.

Running group programmes has changed my life and given me opportunities I couldn't have ever imagined...the best bit is finally being able to share my expertise in a way that really matters.

If you have any questions feel free to drop me a line julie@juliecreffield.com

Update - Just 15 places left