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Scale up, or Shut up?

Join Julie Creffield serial entrepreneur, and master tribe builder for a 60 minute masterclass on Thursday 5th December at 2pm (London time) on how to scale your business for success in 2020.

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In this dynamic 60 minute masterclass. Julie will....

Give you an almighty kick up the arse to start taking action...

Yes you probably need to hear some home truths about what it takes to build a 6 figure business...and how you (yes you) are currently stopping yourself from having enormous impact.

Help you change the record on your self limiting beliefs about growth...

We can all be a bit fucked up when it comes to thinking we are not enough...holding ourselves back because it feels safe, but let me show you how to truly face your fear and be bolder and braver in your business. 

Share the 3 BIGGEST mistakes you are making and give you some real techniques to start scaling NOW

Let me show you 3 super easy and actionable things you can do right now in your business, to start preparing for that EPIC growth spurt you are destined to have next year.


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And finally... who exactly is this Julie Creffield Bird?

Julie Creffield is the East London based community engagement expert and business strategist who helps small business owners to start, scale and skyrocket their businesses by growing impactful and profitable tribes around their business.

With 25+ years experience of building, nurturing and monetising groups, Julie has worked with more than 10,000 clients around the world and been featured in media in 50 countries.

She is on a mission to show entrepreneurs that there is a different way to do business online....one where we all win.